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The best products are certainly natural ones. By carefully selecting its cosmetic products, and food supplements, Losteat helps you take care of your body. We chose NAMA products because they have become market leaders and guarantee the quality of their products. We offer the famous "Breath of the Dolomites" and natural remedies to purify the environment, tissues and body such as the "Dew of the Dolomites" spray.

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It is important, indeed essential, to make sure that we use essential natural products for our body. If you play sports, Losteat helps you take care of your body by offering you 100% natural cosmetics to use before and after your workout. For more information on our food supplements and cosmetics, we are at your disposal. Our product information support is the most comprehensive and sought after in this industry.With Losteat, you are sure that the products are of high quality: we are NAMA certified partners with training that we acquire directly from the research and development department. So, we have all the information about the components and we can say that they are natural.Losteat's philosophy is to "inform and train the customer" making them independent on conscious choices.

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The well-being of our body requires specific and advanced help.

for every part of it, this is the philosophy it has

always distinguished by NAMA, this is our philosophy.

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