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Stone PineĀ® Shavings Bag (30x40x10) 400gr

Stone pine shavings bag, with sun-dried stone pine shavings.Ā 

Size: Bag size 30×40 cm and 400 grams approx.


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The Breath of the Dolomites Ā stone pine shavings are completely natural and untreated. They have the scent of freshly cut wood. Ideal for making pillows, bowls with shavings to decorate rooms or to use as a bed for fruit and vegetables, helping to preserve them naturally.Ā 
Antibacterial and relaxing, these mountain shavings guarantee relaxation can be used for any purpose.Ā 
This natural combination reflects our philosophy of naturalness and the mountain tradition of Trentino.Ā 
Whenever you feel like it, just add 2 sprays of Respiro delle Dolomiti Natural Stone Pine Essence or Respiro delle Dolomiti Organic Stone Pine Drops to reactivate it. This simple procedure activates the essences, increases their effectiveness and benefits our well-beingĀ 
Tip: Spray a little steam from time to time to moisten them slightly and allow the essences to be released.Ā 

What is it for?
  • Specific studies have shown that pine wood has a significant and measurable effect on human well-being and has a positive impact on health.Ā 
  • Among its many benefits, this precious wood lowers the heart rate, improves sleep quality, restores energy, has an antibacterial effect and is ideal for people with allergies.Ā 
  • In addition, it can store the total number of heartbeats from late evening to morning (3500 beats/night), i.e. about a full hour of heartbeats..
What does it contain

Sun-dried stone pine shavings.

How to use it

Put it wherever you want: in the car, in the wardrobe, in the laundry drawer, its natural antibacterial action combined with the characteristic scent of stone pine.Ā Ā 

The Swiss stone pine is a typical European tree, found mainly in the mountains of Central Europe. It can reach a height of 25 metres and grows between 1800 and 2000 metres above sea level and, together with the larch, forms the upper forest belt. Thanks to its characteristics, this alpine tree can withstand glacial temperatures of -40CĀ°, -50CĀ° without suffering any damage. It grows very slowly, but lives on average 1000 years and a little more.

All the ingredients

Sun-dried stone pine shavings.



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