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Spray DEW OF THE DOLOMITES® Nama 100ml

Purifying balsamic spray with a precious mix of 100% natural pure essential oils, perfect for regenerating with the scents of the high mountains.

Its formulation derives from the well-known balsamic drops Respiro delle Dolomiti, rich in active ingredients beneficial to our health. Thanks to a special mix of natural and active extracts of Arvense mint, Trentino mountain pine, Scots pine, Cajeput, Incense and Myrrh you will be wrapped in a feeling of prolonged freshness.


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With Dew of the Dolomites NAMA bottled the invigorating freshness and undisputed purity of the peaks of Trentino to make you relive the high mountain wellness experience whenever you want.

Her natural formula sanitizes the whole body and envelops it in a refreshing mist with an effect that pleasantly accompanies you throughout the day. Always carry it with you: in the car, in the office or on vacation, Dew of the Dolomites will be your best ally of well-being in every moment of the day.

What is it for?
  • widespread indoors purifies the air, to rediscover the scent of the high mountains every day and breathe in the beneficial properties released by essential oils
  • refreshes the body, without greasing, and gives a feeling of immediate relief in case of fatigue or muscle pain
  • sanitizes surfaces, fabrics and objects of common use, take it with you even outside the home
  • ideal in any season: refreshing in summer, invigorating in winter
What does it contain

A original formula of 100% pure, natural and active essential oils including Arvense mint, Trentino mountain pine, Scots pine, Cajeput, Incense and Myrrh in a special mix ideal for every season: breathe well to live better!

Mountain pine, essential oil obtained from this precious plant that grows in the heart of the Dolomites, in Trentino. It has numerous benefits, among which you notice them expectorant properties, anti-inflammatory and from strong balsamic action. Solves breathing problems due to stuffy nose, bronchitis and flu.
Arvense mint, high in menthol, gives a cool relief. Stimulate mind and body, with regenerating effect is a effective anti-stress. Its toning action makes it useful in case of psycho-physical fatigue.
Myrrh, with astringent properties on the mucous membranes, is used for diseases of the respiratory tract. This essential oil has astringent activity e disinfectants, ideal for the treatment of inflammations of the oropharyngeal cavity.
Cajeputanalgesic with anti-inflammatory action , ideal for treating joint pain. An essential oil balsamic: le mucolytic and expectorant properties are effective for treating inflammation of the respiratory system such as colds and coughs.
Frankincense, known for its qualities antiseptic , useful in case of ailments caused by bacteria. Excellent anti-catarrhal, frees the respiratory tract in case of colds. Antirheumatic oil, ideal for frictions and massages, fights rheumatism, relieving pain.
Scots pine, balsamic par excellence. With a fresh aroma, it thins phlegm, facilitating its expulsion and simplifying breathing: ideal for colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma.
How to use it

he use of pure and natural ingredients gives this spray numerous properties and benefits, which can be used in different ways.

For the cure and the well-being of our body:

  • use it after playing sports to regenerate muscles, a real cure-all in case of contractures
  • apply it on swollen or tired legs after a day of work to improve circulation
  • after a day at the beach or in the mountains it is perfect for refreshing and giving vigor

For sanitize delicately and naturally:

  • use it at home, in the car, in the office
  • spray it on commonly used objects such as trolleys, handles but it is also suitable for masks
  • try it on mattresses, clothing and other fabrics for cleaner, perfumed garments that release beneficial properties in contact with our skin

For purify the air we breathe and allow us to improve the quality of our breathing:

  • in closed environments, such as home or office, where we spend most of our time, it is essential to breathe clean air.
  • eliminates bad smells in areas of the house, such as the bathroom or kitchen
All the ingredients


WARNINGS: Flammable. For external use. Avoid contact with eyes, if necessary rinse with plenty of fresh water. Keep out of reach of children. Any variations in fragrance depend exclusively on the naturalness of the product. The use of this product is contraindicated in the case of individual hypersensitivity to it and to any of its components. Store in a suitable place.



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