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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (hereafter the “Terms”) govern the relationship between the User of the website, both pyhisical and juridical entity, (hereafter, the, “User”) and la Losteat srls, C.F./P.IVA 02475120222, in the person of its legal representative pro tempore, with registered office in 38068 Rovereto (TN), viale Caproni 11e/13, e-mail:, tel: 0464 755858, (hereafter the “Seller”).

In particular, the Terms govern the User’s access to and use of the website, ((hereafter, the “Website”).

The term “User” is referred to both the Consumer (Consumer means any natural person who is acting for purposes not related to his trade, business or professional) and the Professional (Professional means any natural or legal person who is acting in the course of his trade, business or profession, including any intermediary of the latter).

Recitals and definitions
The following terms shall have, for the remainder of these conditions the meaning indicated below:

”Account”, this refers to the environment provided by the Seller, including the possibility for the User to access certain Services and set up his Preferences.

“Order Confirmation”, this refers to the communication sent by electronic mail by the Seller to the User’s email address provided by the latter at the moment of placing an order. In such Order Confirmation the Seller expressly confirms the receipt of the order and the availability of the ordered Products. Such communication shall contain: a link to these Terms, the order’s number, shipping and invoicing information, the list of the ordered Products with their essential characteristics and the whole price, including any delivery costs.

“Communication of Unavailability”, this refers to the communication sent by electronic mail by the Seller to the User’s email address by the latter at the moment of placing an order. In such communication the Seller expressly notices to the User the unavailability of some ordered Products.

“Content”, this means any and/or every music, sound, photograph, image, video, message or other material uploaded by the User inside the Website, including the Data.

“Login Data”, this refers to Identification code (User ID) and a confidential password, through which the User can activate, access and use the Services reserved to authenticated Users.

“Data”, any information concerning natural persons, legal persons, bodies or associations, which are identified or identifiable, also indirectly, by reference to any other information, such as by way of mere example, name, surname, email address, telephone number, any interest and/or shopping habits and/or any other data provided by the User during the Registration process.

“Rights to the Website”, this refers to any Right to the Website’s software, including the exclusive Rights specified by Law 22th April 1941, no. 633, as amended, and in particular, by articles 64-bis ss. thereof. By way of mere example, the Rights to the Website expressly include the reproduction right, the execution right, the loading right, the processing and adaptation right, the translation right, the distribution right, the broadcasting right, the distribution right with reference to amended and/or adaptated versions of the Website.

“Account’s Preferences”, this refers to the section of the Account, where the User may change and/or update his Data.

“Privacy Policy”, this refers to the data protection notice on the processing of personal data required by art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30th June 2003, n. 196 as amended. Unless otherwise advised, the Privacy Policy shall be published in a Website’s single page. The User may access to such page, by clicking on the footer’s Website and/or on the link provided in the checkout page.

“Products”, this refers to any goods offered for sale through the Website by the Seller. Products shall be described in-depth in any Product’s Description.

“Software”, This means the computer program underlying the Services that are available through the Website, including the functional and graphical interfaces, which are the Seller’s exclusive property and on which the Seller holds all the rights indicated in Article 64-bis of Law No. 633 dated 22 April 1941 and subsequent amendments, which is licensed to the User in the manner described below.

“Reviews”, this means a Content consisting of any information (es. message, photo, video ecc.) with which the User may express his personal opinion on the Products offered for sale through the Website.

“Registration”, Work carried out by the User, which consists in filling in personal details, or using the OAuth procedures which is required to be used for accessing to some Services or creating an Account. To complete the Registration process, the User shall provide the Seller with some personal Data which shall be kept by the Seller.

“Product Description”, this refers to any section of the Website, in which the User may read: i) the name of a particular Product; ii) the essential characteristics of the Product; iii) the Product’s price, and, separately, any applicable tax;; iv) the availability of the Products; v) any applicable shipping cost.

“Notice”, is a message sent by the User to the Seller informing the latter on the existence of Content which illegal nature is alleged and through which the removal or desabling is requested

“Services”, this means all the services and features provided by the Seller, from which the User can benefit by using the Website, as regulated in these Terms, such as viewing the Products’ Descriptions and buying the Products.

“Use of the Website”, this refers to any activity performed by the User through the Website, such as wiewing the Products’ Descriptions, without regard to the technical device used.

“Agreement”, this refers to any Products’ purchase agreement which is concluded by the Parties.

It is hereby understood that any Definition has the same meaning (except for the number) if used in the plural and vice versa.

Conditions for accessing the Website
The User shall not use the Website or any Content in a way that might damage the Seller or third parties. In particular, it is forbidden for the User using the Website or any Content therein in order to perform any activity that compete with those of the Seller or in a way that might damage the economic interests of the Seller or other Users or third parties.

The use of the Website is allowed for both people who have reached the age of majority and people under age. Buying Products is allowed only for people who have reached the age of majority.

The User agrees to access the App in full compliance with the applicable laws and, in any case, undertakes not to use it for any purpose contrary to those allowed by the Seller, including, by way of example:

oading, editing and transmitting and/or distributing through the App, in any manner or form whatsoever, illicit, illegal or prohibited Content, or Content associated with any type of illicit, illegal or prohibited Content, as well as messages and/or materials that use racist language or language that otherwise defame other Users and/or natural or legal persons, as well as Content of which he/she is not the legitimate holder or in respect of which he/she has not obtained the necessary authorisations;

infringing any third-party rights, including harming a third party’s right to his/her/its likeness, name, decorum, honour and reputation (including business reputation);

disclosing or disseminating Content, or Content associated with any type of Content and/or material used for committing of illegal acts, including, by way of mere example and without any claim of completeness, inciting to violence and/or committing crimes of any sort whatsoever;

transmitting viruses and/or other I.T. tools that could compromise the integrity and/or security of computer equipment (so-called malware, Trojan horses, etc.);

reporting and disseminating links to websites in which one of the prohibited activities described above is carried out;

behaving in a non proper way during any interaction with other Users;

performing any activity that may be considered as “spamming” and/or undesired interaction with other Users.

To access to some Services, the User may be required to create an Account. In order to create an Account, the User may be required to provide the Seller with any identification Data. Such Data shall be processed by the Seller according to Legislative Decree 30th June 2003, no. 196. The User is required to provide the Seller with true and complete Data and acknowledges not to use the identity of third parties. If the User will fail in fulfilling such obligation, the Seller retains the right to not confirm, suspend or delete the User’s Account without prior notice. In such case, the Seller cannot, in any way whatsoever, be held liable for any subsequent harmful or prejudicial consequences.

The User agrees to diligently keep the Login Data, which is to be construed as confidential data (for which the User is solely responsible, as regards the activities that are carried out through the use thereof).

The User undertakes, therefore, to send by e-mail to the Seller an appropriate notice in writing in the event that his/her Login Data is stolen or lost, as well as in the event that that the Account is used (even allegedly) by unauthorised third parties.

It is hereby understood that the Seller cannot, in any way whatsoever, be held liable for any harmful or prejudicial consequences arising from the misuse, loss, theft and/or impairement of password’s confidentiality in the event that the User fails to send the above-mentioned notice.

The User acknowledges that the publishing of any Review about any Product shall be subject to these conditions: i) the User shall not use swearing and vulgar language; ii) the User shall not write false Reviews; iii) a Review about a Product may be published only by Users having really bought such a Product; iv) the User cannot publish a negative Review if solely to discredit the Seller; v) the User cannot use offensive and insulting expressions in respect of other Users.

The User acknowledges that his Reviews are subject to prior moderation.

The User acknowledges that the Seller retains the right (but not the obligation) to remove Reviews which appear to be in breach of the Terms and/or i) not appropriate to the context of the Website; ii) false; iii) published by Users who did not purchase the Products involved; iv) have been published with the sole intent to discredit the Seller and/or third parties v) contain offensive or insulting expressions in respect to other Users or third parties.

The User acknowledges that, during the navigation on the Website, he may find some Content, even referred to other Users, which may be false, not correct and/or reprehensible. In such case, the User should send an appropriate Notice to the Seller at the addresses set forth in article 1 above.

Amendment of Website and Terms
Seller retains itself the right to update and amend, at its discretion, the Website (and any Content of it) and these Terms at any time whatsoever and without any prior notice.

It is hereby understood that any amendment and/or update shall have no effect with reference to any agreement concluded between the Parties before than such amendment and/or update.

It is hereby understood that any amendment and/or update shall have retroactive effect only in case the latters have been required by new laws and/or new measures issued by public bodies.

Pre-contractual information for the Consumer – art. 49 of Legislative Decree 206/2005
The User, before any valid Product purchase agreement is signed, shall inspect the Products’ characteristics as described in any Product Description.

Before any valid Product purchase agreement is signed and before the validation of any Order that entails the obligation to pay the Seller, the User shall be informed with reference to:

total price of Products, including any applicable tax and any shipping cost and any other cost whatsoever;

payment methods;

time limit within which the Seller shall deliver the Products;

the conditions, time limit and procedures for exercising the withdrawal right;

the existence of a legal guarantee of conformity for the Products purchased.

The User, in any moment whatsoever, may inspect the information relating to the Seller. Such information is even shown below: Losteat srls, in the person of its legal representative pro tempore, with registered office in 38068 Rovereto (TN), viale Caproni 11e/13, tel: 0464 755858, and, anyway, is published in the “Contacts” page of the Website and/or in the footer section of the Website.

Scope of the Terms
These Terms govern: i) the trading of Products purchased by the User through the Website; ii) the purchase of any additional services; iii) the browsing on the Website, and the use of any services and functions provided by the Seller through the Website..

The User acknowledges that the Seller reserves itself the right to refuse and/or cancel any orders arising from: i) Users who have previously breached these Terms; ii) Users who have participated in frauds of any type, with particular reference to frauds involving credit cards; iii) Users who have provided the Seller with false and/or non-complete Data.

Conclusion of any agreements
Characteristics and prices of any Products are shown in each Product Description.

In order to purchase a Product, the User shall fill in the electronic order form and submit it, as described by the Seller. The User shall add the Product chosen to the shopping cart and, after having read and accepted these Terms and the Privacy Policy, shall insert the shipping and invoicing Data (if required), choose a payment method and confirm the order.

y sending the order through the Website (which shall be considered as a mere agreement proposal) The User acknowledges that he has read all information provided by the Seller in the purchasing procedure and that he has fully accepted these Terms and the Privacy Policy.

The Agreement (hereafter the “Agreement”) signed between the Parties shall be considered as concluded when the Seller has expressly accepted the order. Such acceptance shall be communicated to the User by the means of the Order Confirmation.

Without prejudice to the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the User acknowledges that, after the receipt of the Order Confirmation, shall notify the Seller (by email or any other electronic means available through the Website) of any discrepancy with respect to his order, within 12 (twelve) hours. Where this deadline is not met, the order shall be processed and the Seller shall not accept any other amendments. This is without prejudice to the exercise of the right of withdrawal, if applicable.

The risk of loss of or damage of the goods shall pass to the User only when he or a third party, other than the carrier and indicated by the Consumer has acquired the material possession of the goods.

Anyway the above-mentioned risk shall pass to the User at the moment of the deliver of goods to the carrier, if the latter has been chosed by the User (and not by the Seller). This is without prejudice to the rights of the User respect to the carrier.

Information about Products
The Seller shall make every effort to show carefully the Products’ characteristics, including materials and colours. Nevertheless errors, inaccuracies or small differences between Product shown on the Website and the real one may arise. Products’ colours, in particular, depend on the system used on the computer or device used to access to the Website; The Seller, as a result, cannot guarantee that the computer or the electronic device used will reproduce exactly the colours.

The User acknowledges, morevoer, that the photos of the Products offered for sale on the Website do not constitute part of the Agreement, being only representative photos.

Products’ availability
Products’ availability – as indicated in Products’ Descriptions – relates to the effective availability at the time when the User places an order. Such availability is, anyway, intended to be indicative, because, due to circumstances outside the control of the Seller (i.e. many Users are concurrently placing orders), the Products may be no longer available.

If one and/or more Products are no longer available, the Seller shall send to the User the Communication of Unavailability. The User, after the receipt of such communication, within 12 hours, may confirm the shipping of the available Products or may cancel the whole order. If the User will not answer within the above-mentioned time, the order is intended to be confirmed, and the Seller shall send only the available Products. In any case, the Seller shall reimburse any sum which has been paid by the User relating to unavailable Products, within 7 days from receipt of Communication of Unavailability.

The User acknowledges that the Seller is hereby exempted from any liability connected with the unavailability of any Products.

Prices, payment methods and invoicing
Products’ prices are expressed in Euro. In each Product Description taxes and any other costs (i.e. shipping costs) are separately indicated.

In case of computer, manual, technical or any other error which may change the Products’ prices in a way that appear exorbitant or derisory, the order shall be deemed as not valid and shall be, consequently, canceled by the Seller. The Seller shall send a written notice to the User, by means of electronic mail, and shall reimburse any sum paid by the User within 7 days.

Without prejudice to the User’s right to reimbursement, the Seller is hereby exempted from any liability connected with such case.

Payment methods:

Credit/debit card. The User may pay the Products by credit/debit cards accepted by the Seller. These cards are indicated in the footer section of the Website and/or in the Product Description and/or in any other section of the Website. The Seller, in order to prevent frauds and/or to guarantee payments’ security, reserves itself the right to ask the User to send a valid identity card. If the User fails to send such valid identity card within the time indicated in the request, the Seller may terminate this Agreement in the manner and with the effects provided for under article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code. Any order, consequently, is intended to be canceled.

Cash on delivery. The User may pay the Products on delivery, by selecting the option “cash on delivery” or similar ones. According Italian laws, Products may be paid in cash, if the whole price does not exceed € 2.999,99. If such limit is exceeded, the User is invited to contact the Seller to receive further instructions.

Wire transfer. The User may pay the Products by wire transfer to the bank account indicated by the Seller, in the Product Description or in the checkout form. The User acknowledges that the Seller will ship the Products only on receipt of payment.

Third online payments systems. The User may pay the Products by the means of third online payments systems (such as, by way of mere example, Paypal, Stripe etc.). Such systems shall be indicated in the checkout form. If the User chooses a third online payments system, he will redirected to the webiste or to the application of such third online payments system. As a result, the User will execute the payment according to rules, terms and proceedings provided by the payment provider involved.

Other payment methods. In any case, the User may pay the Products through other payment methods indicated by the Seller in specific sections of the Website and, anyway, in the checkout form.

The User acknowledges that no data concerning the transaction will be processed by the Seller’s servers. Such data shall only be processed by trusted third-parties.



The Seller will send the invoice through electronic mail message.

The Seller shall deliver the Products to the User, by express courier, to the address indicated by the User in the checkout form, within 10 days from the receipt of the Order Confirmation by the User or from the receipt of payment by the Seller, whichever is the latter.

The User acknowledges that circumstances outside the Seller’s control can cause delays, such as, by way of mere example: i) the customization of the Products; ii) the geographic area of delivery; iii) accident of force majeure.

If for any reason whatsoever, the Seller will fail to deliver Products within the above-mentioned time, the Seller shall contact the User to ask him further confirmation of the order (and a new delivery date shall be fixed). The User, anyway, reserves the right to withdraw from the contract.

According to these Terms, the delivery is deemed to be made when the Products are delivered at the shipping address indicated by the User in the checkout form and a signature on the delivery note has been made.

If the appointed person will not find anyone at the shipping address twice, the Seller shall give notice to the User. The User, as a consequence, shall contact the Seller, to agree a new delivery date or to withdraw from the Agreement.

The User acknowledges that the delivery could be made in all States which have been indicated by the Seller in each Product Description and, anyway, in the checkout form.

The Seller informs the Consumer that, in any case of delivery not made at the time indicated by the Seller, according to article 61 comma 3 of Italian Consumer Code, before he can terminate the Agreeement, he shall ask the Seller to deliver the Products within an appropriate additional time. According to article 61 comma 4, the Consumer will not have to ask the delivery within the above-mentioned additional time, if: i) the Seller has expressly refused to make the delivery; ii) the delivery time, with regard to the circumstances, was deemed as essential; iii) the Consumer had informed the Seller, before the conclusion of the Agreement, by the means of a communication sent to the addresses set forth in article 1 above, that the delivery time was deemed as essential.

The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement, without penalty and without giving any reason, within 14 calendar days from receipt of purchased Products.

In case the Consumer has purchased more Products with a sole order and such Products are delivered separately, the above-mentioned 14-days term shall run from the date of receipt of the last Product.

The Consumer, in order to exercise his right of withdrawal, shall send an explicit notice to the Seller, by the means of a registered mail or an electronic mail to the addresses set forth in article 1 or to the address which will be indicated in written by the Seller.

The model withdrawal form provided for under annex I, part B, Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Italian Consumer Code) is provided below:

Model withdrawal form provided for under art. 49, comma 1, lett. h) Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (Italian Consumer Code)

(please fill in the form only to withdraw from the Agreement)

Seller’s data: Losteat srls, in the person of its legal representative pro tempore, with registered office in 38068 Rovereto (TN), viale Caproni 11e/13, tel: 0464 755858,

I/We, herewith, inform you that, in respect of our Agreement regarding the sale of the following products (*), ordered on (*)/ received on (*), I/We exercise our right of withdrawal. Name of the Consumer(s). Address of the Consumer(s). Consumer(s)’ signature (only if this form is submitted on paper) – Date

(*) Please, cancel the version not used.

According to article article 57 of Italian Consumer Code, if the Consumer exercises the right of withdrawal, the latter shall return the Products to the Seller within 14 days from day of exercise of the above-mentioned right of withdrawal.

The Consumer shall ship the Products to the Seller at the address set forth in article 1 above.

In any case, any cost for returning the Products shall be borne by the Consumer.

Products must be returned undamaged, in their original packaging, complete (including packaging, labels, additional documents such as manuals) and must be accompained by all tax documentation. Without prejudice to the right to inspect the Products, the Seller shall reimburse the price paid by the Consumer, including delivery costs, within 14 days from exercise of the right of withdrawal.

The right of withdrawal must be exercised on the whole Product; if the Products is composed by more components, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised on a single part of the Product, unless specific agreement is made to the contrary between the Parties.

According to article 56 comma 3 of Italian Consumer Code, as amended, the Seller is entitled to suspend the reimbursement until receipt of the Products or until the Consumer proves that he has shipped the Products to the Seller.

The Seller shall execute the reimbursement on the same payment method used by Consumer in purchasing the Products. A different payment method may be used only if the Consumer expressly agrees to such change.

If the withdrawal does not satisfy the above-mentioned conditions, proceedings, terms, the Consumer shall not be entitled to receive any reimbursement. In this case, the Consumer reserves the right to recover, at his sole expense, the Products, as returned to the Seller. Otherwise, the Seller is entitled to hold the returned Products and any sum paid by the Consumer.

According to article 59 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (“Consumer Code”), the withdrawal rights is excluded with reference to Products made to the Consumer’s specifications or clearly customized.

According to article 59 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (“Consumer Code”), the withdrawal rights is excluded with reference to Products which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery.

According to article 59 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (“Consumer Code”), the withdrawal rights is excluded with reference to Products According to article 59 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (“Consumer Code”), the withdrawal rights is excluded with reference to Products which are, after delivery, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other items.

With reference to any Agreement concluded between the Seller and a Professional, the right of withdrawal is expressly excluded.

Each Product purchased by a Professional is covered by the warranty for defects provided for in article 1490 ss. of Italian Civil Code. The action of the Professional seeking to enforce the above-mentioned warranty for defects shall be extinguished after 1 year from the delivery of the purchased Product. Any defects shall be claimed within the time provided for in article 1495 of Italian Civil Code.

Each Product purchased by a Consumer is covered by the legal guarantee of conformity provided for in article 128 ss. Of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Italian Consumer Code). Such legal guarantee of conformity shall apply only to such defects which appear within a period of 24 months from the date of delivery of the Product and which have been claimed within a period of 2 months from the date of discovery thereof, according to article 132 of Italian Consumer Code. In the event of effective lack of conformity, the Consumer is entitled to have them brought into conformity, free of charge, by repair or replacement, or to obtain a reduction of the price or rescission of the Agreement. Such legal guarantee of conformity shall be not affected by other commercial guarantees (free or paid).

It is understood that the User, either Consumer or Professional, will not be provided with any guarantee with reference to any defective Products if, unless otherwise provided:

the Products have been repaired or altered by persons other than the manufacturer and/or the Seller and/or any authorised dealer; and/or

the lack of conformity of Products becomes apparent after the time limit of 2 (two) years from the delivery of Products and/or the claim for repair or replacement of defective Products is sent after the time limit of 2 (two) months from the discovery of the defect by the Consumer; the Professional has failed to comply with limitation or prescription periods set forth in article 1495 of Italian Civil Code; and/or

the claimed defects are due (wholly or partially) to mistreatment, improper use or storage or maintenance or installation, or failure to observe any manufacturers’ instructions or other directions issued or made available by us in connection with the delivered Products; and/or

at the time of conclusion of the Agreement, the User had knowledge of the defect and he could not reasonably ignore it; and/or

the claimed defects arise from instructions and/or materials provided by the User.

The User acknowledges that the Seller is hereby exempted from any other guarantee (such as, by way of mere example, commercial guarantees).

Limitation and Exemption of Liability
To the maximum extent currently permitted by law, the Seller is hereby exempted from any liability arising from any Agreement concluded with the User, and/or from the use of Services by the User; and/or from the functionalities accessible to the User through the Website.

As a result, to the maximum extent currently permitted by law, the User’s entitlement to any direct and indirect, financial and non-financial, potential, current, future, punitive compensation, reimbursement or damages for losses caused to people and/or property that is connected with or in any way arises from any Agreement concluded with the User, and/or from the use of Services by the User; and/or from the functionalities accessible to the User through the Website (by way of mere example and without any claim of completeness: damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data) is hereby excluded.

In any case – and without prejudice to the above – the Seller’s liability, if any, will be limited exclusively to any price that may be paid by the User.

Without prejudice to the above, The Seller is anyway liable: I) in case of death or physical damages due to Seller’s fault; ii) in case of Seller’s fraud; iii) in any case in which the Seller has unlawfully excluded or restricted his liability.

The Seller is, instead, hereby exempt from any liability if his failure to comply with any obligations arising directly or indirectly from these Terms, that are attributable to unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure or any other cause beyond the Provider’s control. It is understood that any Seller’s obligation arising directly or indirectly from these Terms, shall be suspended while such exceptional circumstances continue to exist.

Suspension of the use of the Website
The Seller, pursuant to Article 1460 of the Italian Civil Code, reserves the right to suspend, in whole or in part, without prior notice, the User’s access to the Website in the following situations, in relation to which no refund, indemnity, compensation or damages will be due: a) changes, interventions and/or maintenance of the Website need to be made for safety reasons or for ensuring that the Website is improved b) claims and/or demands of any sort whatsoever are made by the competent authorities pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 70/2003, with reference to “hosting” activities; c) complaints and/or breaches or these Terms by the User.

Intellectual Property
The User acknowledges that the Seller holds all the Rights that inure to the Website.

The User expressly undertakes not to reproduce, modify, distribute, decompile, move, sell, license or distribute the Software to third parties and undertakes not to distribute, create derivative works of the Software, without the Seller’s written authorization.

Subject to compliance with these Terms, the Provider grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for using the Software, for the sole purpose of accessing the Services and the functionalities that are available through the Website. It is understood that the User cannot – under penalty of compensation for any damages – copy, modify, create derivative works of, decompile the Software in order to discover the source code, sell, transfer, license, rent, lease of transfer the Software and/or any Right on the Software to third parties.

Without prejudice to the above, the User acknowledges and accepts that any copyright, trademarks and, anyway, any Right and/or intellectual property right concerning any material, content available on the Website are the sole property of the Seller and/or of the persons who have licensed it to the latter for using. The User, as a result, could only use the above-mentioned content only with the express authorization of the legitimate rights’ holders and within the limits thereof.

The User – notwithstanding the Provider’s right to demand compensation for any damage suffered by it – represents and warrants that he/she will indemnify and hold harmless the Provider – as well as those related to or controlled by it, its representatives, employees, and any of its partners – from any and every possible harassment, disturbance, claim or legal action, which is commenced or threatened by third parties and is connected or in any way arises from User’s failure to comply to any obligations arising from these Terms and, in particular, from articles 3 and 16.

Any personal data transferred by one Party pursuant to this Agreement will be used by the receiving Party in observance of current legislation, for purposes that are strictly related to and connected with this contractual relationship. Each Party agrees and guarantees that such data may be processed and stored in compliance with the aforementioned purposes.

For further details, the User can consult the Website’s Privacy Policy.

These Terms contains in its entirety the covenants between the parties and supersedes any previous agreement that may have been entered into on the same matter. Any covenant that is agreed in addition to or in derogation from the contents hereof must be in writing and must be signed by the Parties.

The invalidity or unenforceability of any of the provisions contained in this Agreement will not make void or affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining contractual provisions against any of the Parties.

The Provider’s failure to exercise the rights and powers provided for under these Terms does not constitute any waiver thereof, since it is to be regarded as an act of mere tolerance.

These Terms does not give rise to corporate or business links between the Parties and does not imply that they represent each other. No Party shall, therefore, be entitled to act in the name and on behalf of the other Party.

Unless otherwise provided, any communication between the Parties shall be made in writing and is intended to be valid only if sent to the other Party’s address set forth in article 1, or to the other addresses which shall be indicated in writing by the other Party in case of any change.

Applicable law and legitimate court
These Terms are governed by Italian law.

In particular, any Product purchase made by a Consumer is governed also by relevant provisions of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Italian Consumer Code) and Legislative Decree 70/2003, as applicable.

Any Product purchase made by a Professional is only governed by these Terms and relevant provisions of Italian Civil Code for any issues not listed above.

Any dispute relating to the validity, interpretation, implementation or termination of these Terms, and, in particular, relating or connected in any way whatsoever with each purchase order or with the browsing of the Website or with the use of any services available through the Website will be judged solely by the Courts of Trento without prejudice to the Consumer jurisdiction.

The mediation procedures provided for under Legislative Decree 28/2010 can also be resorted to in relation to the said disputes.

Pursuant to Article 14 f EU Regulation No. 524/2013, the link the link to the EU ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) platform is provided here pursuant to Article 14 of EU Regulation No. 524/2013.

Date: 04/05/2021
La società (qui sotto IL VENDITORE) è iscritta al registro del commercio sotto il numero . Il suo indirizzo postale e il suo indirizzo di posta elettronica è (qui sotto l’indirizzo del venditore).

Ogni presa di ordine al titolo di un prodotto che figura nel negozio on-line del sito (qui sotto il sito venditore) suppone la consultazione e l’accetazione preliminare delle presente condizioni generali di vendita. Il clic di validazione dell’ordine implica una piena accetazione delle presenti. Questo clic ha valore di “firma elettronica”.
Le presente condizioni generali di vendita hanno per oggetto di definire i diritti e obbligazione delle parti nel riquadro della vendita on-line di beni proposti dal VENDITORE al consumatore.
Conferma dell’ordine
Le informazioni contrattuale farano l’oggetto di una conferma via poste elettronica all’indirizzo indicato dal consumatore all’interno del buono d’ordine.
Prova della transazione
I registri informatizzati, conservati nei sistemi informatici della società IL VENDITORE in condizioni ragionevole di sicurezza sono considerati come le prove di communicazione, di ordini e di pagamento intervenuti entrambi le parte.

L’archivio dei buoni d’ordini e di fatture è effetuato su un supporto di fiducia e durevole potendo essere prodotto a titolo di prova.
Informazioni sui prodotti
Tutti i sforzi sono stati fatti per assicurarsi dell’esatezza delle informazioni presentate sul SITO VENDITORE.
IL VENDITORE o i suoi fornitori non sono comunque responsabili delle conseguenze, incidenti, danni speciali risultando di trasmissione elettroniche o dell’esatezza dell’informazione trasmessa anche nel caso dove il VENDITORE abbia avuto conoscenza della possibilità di tale danni. I nomi e le marche di prodotti e di fabbricanti sono utilizzati solamente nel scopo d’identificazione. Le foto, descrizioni e prezzo dei prodotti non sono contrattuali.
Durata di validita dell’offerta e prezzo di questa qui
I nostri prezzi sono validi per la giornata.
Modalita di consegna
I prodotti sono consegnati all’indirizzo indicato dal consumatore sul buono d’ordine e unicamente sulle zone geografiche che serviamo.

Tutti i prodotti partono dai nostri locali in uno stato perfetto. Il cliente deve segnalare al trasportatore (o al postino) la minima piccolla traccia di urto (buco, traccia di schiacciamento etc…) sul paccho, e se è il caso di rifiutare il paccho. Un nuovo prodotto identico Le sarà allora rispedito senza spese.

Lo scambio di ogni prodotto dichiarato dopo, sciupato nel trasporto, senza che alcuna riserva sia stata emessa a recezione del paccho, non potra essere preso in considerazione.

Come in ogni spedizione, è possibile subire un ritardo o che il prodotto si perde. In tale caso, contattiamo il trasportatore per cominciare una nuova inchiesta. Tutti i sforzi sono effetuati, a lungo che sia necessario, per ritrovare questo paccho. In questo caso, il commerciante si farà rimborsare dal trasportatore, e consegnera un nuovo paccho identico a spese sue.

Decliniamo tutta responsabilità riguardando l’allungamento dei termini di consegna dal fatto del trasportatore , specialmente in caso di perdita dei prodotti, d’intemperie o di sciopero.
Problemi di consegna a causa del traportatore
Ogni anomalia riguardando la consegna (avaria, prodotto mancante in confronto al buono di consegna, pacco danneggiato, prodotti rotti…) dovra imperativamente essere indicato sul buono di consegna sotto forma di “riserve manoscritte”, accompagnata dalla firma del cliente.

Il consumatore dovra parallelamente confermare quest’anomalia indirizzando al trasportatore nei (2) giorni lavorativi seguente la data di consegna una lettera raccomandata con accusa di ricezione esponendo le reclamazione.

Il consumatore dovrà trasmettere una copia di questa lettera all’ INDIRIZZO DEL VENDITORE. Senza questa constatazione, non procederemo a nessun scambio.
Errori di consegna
Il consumatore dovra formulare presso il VENDITORE, il giorno stesso della consegna o al più tardi il primo girono lavorativo seguendo la consegna, ogni reclamazione d’errore di consegna e/o di non-conformita dei prodotti in natura o in qualità in confronto alle indicazioni figurando sul buono d’ordine.

Passato questo termine, ogni reclamazione sarà respinta.
La formulazione di questa reclamazione presso il venditore potrà essere fatta all’ INDIRIZZO DEL VENDITORE.
Ogni reclamazione non effetuata nelle regole definite qui sopra e nei termini impartiti non potra essere presa in conto e liberera il VENDITORE di ogni responsablita in confronto al consumatore.

In caso di errore di consegna o di scambio, ogni prodotto da scambiare o da rimborsare dovra essere rimandato al VENDITORE nel suo insieme e nel suo imbalaggio d’origine in uno stato impecabile all’INDIRIZZO DEL VENDITORE.

Per essere accetato, ogni ritorno dovra essere segnalato e avere l’accordo preliminare del VENDITORE, che in caso d’accordo rispedira il pacco all’indirizzo giusto.

Le spese di spedizione sono a carica del VENDITORE, apparte nel caso incui il prodotto non corrisponderebbe alla dichiarazione di origine fatta dal consumatore nel buon senso di ritorno.
Garanzia dei prodotti
Le disposizioni delle presenti non possono privare il consumatore della garanzia legale che obbliga il venditore professionale a garantirlo contro tutte le conseguenze dei vizzi nascosti della cosa venduta.

Il consumatore è espressamente informato che il VENDITORE non è il fabbricante dei prodotti presentati nel SITO VENDITORE e che il VENDITORE si libera di ogni responsabilita del fatto di prodotti difettosi.

In conseguenza, in caso di danni causati ad una persona o ad un bene del prodotto, solo la responsabilita del fabbricante di questo qui potrà essere ricercata dal consumatore, sulla base delle informazioni figurando sull’imballaggio del prodotto.

La durata di garanzia è di un anno (1 anno). Sono esclusi di questa garanzia, tutti i prodotti modificati o accomodati dal cliente o da tutt’altra entita che i prestatari scelti dal VENDITORE.

La garanzia può essere allungata seguendo le modalità previste in negozio e sul sito nella rubrica atelier.
Diritto di ritrattazione
Il diritto di ritrattazione si applica solamente alle persone fisiche.

Il consumatore dispone di un termine di sette (7) giorni per rispedire, a spese sue, i prodotti che non li convengono. Questo termine breve è da contare dal giorno della recezione dell’ordine dal consumatore.Ogni ritorno potra essere preliminarmente segnalato al servizio cliente del VENDITORE. Il prodotto dovra essere rispedito all’INDIRIZZO DEL VENDITORE.

I prodotti sensibili (come DVD,CD,softwares) non dovrano essere aperti se il consumatore vuole beneficiare del diritto di ritrattazione.

Sarano ripresi solamente i prodotti rinviati nel loro insieme, nel loro imballaggio d’origine completto e intatto, e in uno stato perfetto di rivendita. Ogni prodotto che sara sciupato, o da cui l’imballaggio sara deteriorato, non sara ne rimborsato, ne ripreso, ne scambiato. Questo diritto di ritrattazione si esercita senza penalità, all’eccezione delle spese di spedizione.Nell’ipotesi dell’esercito del diritto di ritrattazione, il consumatore ha la scelta di chiedere il rimborso delle somme versate, o la scambio del prodotto. In caso di uno scambio, la rispedizione si farà a spese del consumatore.

In caso di esercito del diritto di ritrattazione, il VENDITORE fara tutti i sforzi per rimborsare il consumatore in un termine di 30 giorni.
Diritti d’utilizzo
L’utilizzo delle marche presente sul sito è strettamente vietato.
Forza maggiore
Nessuna delle parti avra fallito alle sue obbligazioni contrattuali, nella misura che la loro esecuzione sarà ritardata o impedita da un caso fortuito di forza maggiore. Sara considerato come un caso di forza maggiore ogni fatto o circonstanza irresistibile, esterna alle parti, imprevedibile, inevitabile, indipendente dalla volonta delle parti e che non potra essere impedito da questi ultimi, malgrado tutti gli sforzi ragionevolmente possibili.

La parte toccata da tale circontstanze ne avisera l’altra nei dieci giorni lavorativi seguendo la data in cui avra avuto conoscenza.

Le due parti si riavicinerano, in un termine di tre mesi, apparte impossibilita dovuta a un caso di forza maggiore, per esaminare l’incidenza dell’evento e convenire di condizioni nelle quale l’esecuzione del contratto si perseguitera.
Se il caso di forza maggiore ha una durata superiore a una durata di un mese, le presente condizioni generali potrano essere rescinte dalla parte lesa.

In un modo espresso, sono considerati come caso di forza maggiore o caso fortuito, oltre che quelli abitualmente ritenuti dalla giurisprudenza delle corti e dei tribunali: il bloccaggio dei mezzi di trasporto, terremoto, incendi, tempeste, alluvioni, fulmine, la sospensione delle rete di telecommunicazione o difficoltà proprie alle reti di telecommunicazione esterne ai clienti.
Non convalida parziale
Se una o diverse stipulazioni delle presente condizioni generali sono tenute per non convalidate o dichiarate tale in applicazione di una legge, di un regolamento o in seguito ad una decizione definitiva di una giuridizione competente, le atre stipulazioni conserverano tutta la loro forza e la loro portata.
Non rinunciazione
Il fatto per una delle parti di non prevalerse di un mancamento dall’altra parte a qualunque delle obbligazione mirate nel riquadro delle presenti condizioni generali di vendita non sarebbe interpretata per l’avvenire come una rivendicazione all’obbligo in causa.
Legge applicabile
Le presente condizioni generali sono sottomesse alla legge italiana. E cosi per le regole di fondo e per le regole di forma.

In caso di litiggio o di reclamazione, il consumatore si rivolgera in priorita al VENDITORE per ottenere una soluzione amichevole.
Protezione dei dati personali
Tutti i dati che ci fornite sono per trattare i vostri ordini.
Secondo la legge, disponete presso il VENDITORE un diritto di rectifica, di consultazione, di modifica e di cancelazione dei dati che ci avete communicati. Questo diritto può anche essere esercitato on-line.
Convalidando le Condizioni Generali di Vendita, confermo avere preso conoscenza dell’informativa sulla Privacy
Ogni ordine passato dall’intermediario del SITO VENDITORE implica l’adesione del cliente, e senza nessuna restrizione, alle condizioni generali di vendita del VENDITORE.

In caso di vendita ad una persona morale, ogni lite relativa alla vendita (prezzo, CGV, prodotti…) sarà sottomesso al diritto italiano davanti al Tribunale di commercio della sede del VENDITORE.



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